Niles Fitch



“I would also like to spotlight the actor who played young Simba on opening night... to find real moments to be present and to believe (in a way few “Disney Channel actors” can or do), his character earned my sentiments; and his “character” earned my respect...”


                                                                KEN Godmere, OttawaTonite


“Young Simba and Young Nala, Niles Fitch and Kailah McFadden, both have great vocal chops and sparkling personalities.”

                                                David Lowenstein,

“Both young performers who portray Young Simba and Young Nala are incredible. Both roles are double-casted, since the actors are children. Niles Fitch, as Young Simba, handled his role with ease. His movements make you believe he really is a lion.”


                                                    Hannah Zakrzewski, Buffalo News


“Young Simba (portrayed by Niles Fitch during this production) does a tremendous job carrying the first act of the show, accompanied by a truly regal Mufasah (Dionne Raldoph) and a frighteningly evil Scar (J. Anthony Crane.) Each and every actor, from ensemble to lead, immerses themselves in this beautiful African world.”

                                   Deb Flomberg, The Denver Theater Examiner

“Even the kids were excellent, especially 10-year-old Niles Fitch as Simba, who managed to bring out the young cub’s youthful enthusiasm without grating on one’s nerves with his self-centeredness (the film could have taken a cue from him).”

                                        T. WALLINGER, Colorado Springs Art Blog

“Despite all its mesmerizing visual turns, the first act hinges on the performance of a 10-year-old boy, here masterfully handled by a natural, energetic kid named Niles Fitch, who's clearly having the time of his life.”

                                                            John Moore, The Denver Post

“Actors alternate performances as the young, mask-less Simba and Nala. Niles Fitch and Sade Philip-Demorcy did charming work the night I attended.”

                                                     Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun

“Best Supporting Actor”

11th Annual Denver Post

2011 Ovation Awards